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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered...

In another case where timing is everything, GOP lawmakers continue to filibuster Health and Human Services nominee Kathleen Sebelius. It seems a rather inopportune time considering the fact that we are facing a swine flu pandemic. But the ire of these folks over Sebelius' pro-choice views and her getting donations from an abortion doctor once again trumps their common sense. Last time I looked, Roe v. Wade was the law of the land. Has been for some time. She seems like a very capable moderate who will be an excellent addition to the Cabinet.

So their hatred for Democrats and the Red Staters scorched earth policy that seemingly causes them to obstruct every single Obama policy may now move into dangerous ground. More people will be infected and some may die because of Republican posturing. Without a leader at the hem, the top 15 health jobs now remain vacant. We don't have a full time Director at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and five important health nominees are now stalled in the Senate. Homeland Security is having to fill in right now.

Not to sound too histrionic but it's time to tell the Republicans to stop playing politics with people's lives. Allow an up and down vote on the nomination.


Anonymous said...

When Harry Reid used the deomcratic version of a scorched earth policy while a republican was in the white house, did Blue Heron call for an up or down vote on the issues before the senate? Were Reid and the blue state senators excoriated for their impaling of the people's government on their liberal phalus of imagined virtue?

Does Blue Heron really think that the CDC cannot operate or respond without Sebelius being confirmed?

It seems that Blue Heron is using the Rahm it through approach of not letting a crisis go to waste to achieve a poliitical victory, by calling for her appointment because of the need to battle swine flu.

President Obama didn't Sebelius as he called for $1.5 billion in spending to battle the swine flu, even though there is "no cause for alarm." Why ask for money if the government health services cannot function with the top spots being filled? Or was it just another example of President Obama thinking he can solve all the problems if he uses enough of the people's hard earned money?

Blue Heron said...

An excellent riposte, it only starts to emanate it's rank smell mere moments after my initial quick topical examination.

There are 20 unconfirmed posts at HHS, not 15 as I stated. These are major departmental heads, not mere window dressing. Thankfully, the GOP wised up after smelling it's own hams in the fryer and confirmed Sebelius yesterday. And I think that even you, oh wise protecter of the people's virtue and pursestrings, would agree that the CDC would function better in a time of crisis with a real director and not some left over Homeland Security yokel from the past discredited administration?

If I may get obtuse and frankly personal, I would like to offer up a metaphor for the present swine flu situation. My wife and I have been together going on twenty years and are fairly compatible. One of the main points that our paths diverge on is time management. If we need to travel to the coast, she may try to make the 45 mile trip in 40 minutes, while I will leave 10 to 20 minutes early, understanding that you can never fully plan for accidents, traffic, what have you.

When Michael Steele says that it is unfair to blame the Repuglicans (or Susan Collins) for cutting millions dollars of funding for a potential flu pandemic because no one could see it coming, I must cry bovine shittorum. A responsible government plans for the worst to happen, and then is pleasantly surprised when it does not. His philosophy, like much of his ilk, is simply reactive, like the administration response to Hurricane Katrina.

It is also surprising to me that you fellows are now such defenders of the American pocketbook, when you let us get sucked in to a trillion dollar war, halfway around the globe, against an enemy that never raised a finger against us, and which shows no sign of stopping. I will say it one more time, remember the surplus that Clinton left you, the one that you said had to be given back to the people? I can't believe that you fiscal conservatives can talk with a straight face without laughing at your own hypocrisy.