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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wistful Spring

One of the joys of spring are the wisteria blooms that grace our fence line this time of year. Several hundred feet of blooms map the front of our property, the usual overgrown snaggle suddenly coming to life and making sense. The purple blossoms climb to the top of our large oak tree. Our house is known as the house with the pretty wisteria and I see people come by to check it out from time to time. If you click on a photo, it should zoom for you.

The beauty of these flowers is complimented by the fragrant aroma of the near bye jasmine and orange blossoms.

When the Sommers ranch was young, people let a bit more chaos into their landscapes. Now the city dwellers have slowly moved in,  and I get to be a lawless anachronism. Viva la difference.

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emily xyz said...

WOW, Robert!!! I soooo envy you, living in a paradise of wisteria and orange and jasmine! Wisteria is one of my favorite flowers, but usually all you hear about it is how it will drag down all but the brawniest arbors. I've only ever seen the plant sprawling like that at the NY Botanical Garden, they have a couple of beautiful wisterias near the lilac collection. the Princeton campus has a several bldgs w/ these *huge* old wisterias going up brick walls -- spectacular. But if I ever get the land, I'm gonna do exactly like your property. It's gorgeous -- and yeah, UNRULY. - emilyx