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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Everybody out of the gene pool.

Sharp eyed readers will note that I have added the Dienekes website to my links section. Dienekes Pontikos is the pseudonym for a greek man who is an authority on anthropology and genetics.

I don't believe that too many of you share my passion for these subjects but Dienekes is often cited on my genetics boards for being on the cusp of reporting on new discoveries in the field.

I was hunting around the other day for information on the man and I found the AnthroScape website.

It is an interesting website that asks people that post to declare their religion and political leanings. What shocked me was how many seemingly intelligent, far right, religious, european racists comment on its boards.

Here is a link to the main site. I read posts about stupid negroids and jews being descended from mongoloids. It is much like the Stormfront white supremacist site here in america, a group that is paying a lot of attention to genetic haplotypes and science.

It is frightening to see so many bright young people ensnared by racial bigotry and hatred. The worm has definitely turned.

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Anonymous said...

"What shocked me was how many SEEMINGLY intelligent, far right, religious, european racists comment on its boards."

[Emphasis added.]

So, those who tend to be more religious and/or right-wing in political orientation are more prone to racism? (And that they happen to be of European derivation, thus Euro-centric racists.) SHOCKER!

Please don't take offense, but is that really surprising?