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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hollyhocks and Ray Bradbury

Hollyhock #2 © Robert Sommers

Bought a bunch of hollyhocks the other day. A scarlet, my favorite, which is a dark double maroon, couple other colors. A yellow maybe. Put them right in the ground. I really like hollyhocks. They stay tall, regal and beautiful in the face of the harshest and most bitter of environments. Love the ones that are maroon black, almost the color of dried blood. You know the ones I mean...

The plants weren't exactly cheap but hey, we got to have a little color in our life, don't we?

Yesterday I went out to see if they could use a little water. They had all been meticulously gnawed down to three inch tall stalks.

We have a surfeit of rabbits in the valley this year. Apparently they love hollyhocks too.

You take the wolves out of the equation and you find that the lambs will eventually eat you out of house and home.

Guess I will have to buy some wire and try it again.


Ray Bradbury died recently. I loved Ray. R is for Rocket was my first science fiction compendium that I ever got into. My favorite story was called Pillars of Fire.

Ray hated the term science fiction. An Angeleno, he never learned to drive. A very interesting man.

A woman wrote the Los Angeles Times this week and offered this christmas card she got from Ray in 2010:

I am God's greatest basking hound
I've found the sun and kept it in my blood
I sleep it in my brooding veins
Take pains to sunflower its flight
Burn night away by lifting head to follow
Then swallow up swift drifts of light.

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