Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More housekeeping

Saw my buddy Mike at the gym this morning. Told him that the blog was back up and running. Mike offered to be my new editor. He is a great guy and a good catholic, says that from now on we are going to steer clear of politics and religion from now on. Don't know if I can still talk about sex or not?

As hard as it is to turn down the offer, I am afraid that it just won't work. Nobody is reading the Blast for my tuna tetrazzini casserole recipe. Truth be told I can't even cook.

Going to have to continue to call them as I see them, let the chips fall where they may. I will endeavor to be fair, as I always have. If you don't want to do business with my gallery because I have offended you, that is certainly your right but I am not kissing anybody's ass. I will miss you.

Have gotten a lot of really nice emails. Feel a bit sheepish doing the I'm out, I'm in number but my hands were tied. Would burst a vein if I couldn't shpiel and people actually read me. Lots of them.

It's hell to be that popular. Leaving Puerto Vallarta
Today for ABQ. Alas back to business


Hi Robert,

Ive been worried abt you and the blog: alienating your clients along with whacko jihadists or religious nuts or others you have most likely been pissing off. I love the blast and hearing from you and listening in to the music. You have so often cheered me in the early hours and I love the writing, esp the short stories (love to see more). I will sign up with the google acct. I think this is a prudent move on your part and look forward to reading you again and again.




Couple readers wrote in suggesting that I try a new platform. The problem is the 4000 posts previously written and how they would merge and mesh physically in a wordpress type environment. I am still trying to create a coherent wordpress site for my business and it is very labor intensive. Will see how things shake out. Things will not stay the same :


Robert-Sommers.com is available.  Why not just register the name and use some dead cheap hosting group and use free blog software like Wordpress

Or if you do not wish to have your own domain use wordpress.com for your blog as I do not think they have any restrictions on amount of private members.



Another way is to create a new wordpress blog with membership functions, It would be unlimited and you can provide "Join" functions that you can control..

Just a thought...



Since you have BlueHeronBlast.com now, why not just move it to a different hosting group and use Wordpress blog software.  It is free.  And you can get hosting for $4.00 a month and host your business as well as your blog for the same price.


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Ken Seals said...

I thought I was your volunteer editor :-)