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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ramble on Rose

The weekend had its highs and lows, along I suppose with some muddling middles. Friday night was the Michael Maas art exhibition at the Library.

Dave Blackburn, the chap on the guitar, was playing some beautiful ambient stuff synthed through a pod to his computer. Dave is my sometime guitar teacher and I had this satori realization about how lucky I was to study with such a wonderful player and person.

He sent me a file of a part of the composition, which may or may not work for a soundtrack of a movie/video project he is working on, fittingly titled Rob's tune or something like that. I need to devote myself once again to the instrument but feel like that might be a luxury I can only enjoy when I feel considerably richer and not so tied to the grinding wheel.

The art show was interesting. Work from Maas's own collection. Modern and contemporary stuff, some of it pretty good, my favorite two figures in black with one's almost spastic hand held up in a fan shape.

Michael and Carmen are a very good addition to our little burg. They are a conduit for some fresh artistic impulses. Very nice people.

I had a nice chat with Carol, Drew and Noreen. Turned out that Noreen is from Allied Gardens and that we went to the same junior high, Lewis and got into trouble at some of the same places. Also turns out that we went to a lot of the same concerts, saw Traffic, It's a Beautiful Day, etc. Who knew?

Noreen regaled us with tales of some of the amazing shows that she saw in San Diego; she meets Janis at 15, who invites her in to the show, where she sits front row with a tape recorder. Saw Hendrix do the Star Spangled Banner and then split.

Carol saw the same Stones tour with Stevie Wonder in Chicago, 1972 that I saw at MSG. I saw Mick's birthday resplendent with rose petals. Stevie playing drums on Satisfaction and Uptight, really damn well.

It was also great to see Marlo and Ron Miller, who still read the blog. Marlo used to work at Esmeralda bookshop in Del Mar and I thought she was the best bookseller that I ever met. Seriously. She has the same love for words that I do and I appreciate them both very much as I do the rest of you who take the time to read me.

If the Santa Margarita River looks deeper it is because I screwed up. Left a hose in the new Mexican Blue Palm brahea armata  last week and forgot to turn it off. I am sure that the gophers are none too pleased. I flooded their network but we are located right over the water table so there was practically no surface water. can't wait to see the bill.


Big food weekend. Sushi. Dinner at Tekila friday with Bob and Lois. Mole was good, chicken was a bit rubbery.  Scrambled eggs and hongos yesterday morning at home with good sourdough. We stopped off yesterday at cousin Stanley and Tracy's. Saw Richard. Then off to the beach where we ran into R& L. We walked over to the State Park in Cardiff and feasted on a couple of duck burritos at Bulltaco. These things are so good. Their habañero sauce is out of el mundo.

I had the 400mm lens out and took a few non noteworthy shots of the smallish surf. We wandered down to a Surfing expo with a whole bunch of cool booths. Met this guy who has a proprietary product, Soloshot that allows a surfer, skier, (surveillance suspect?) to be remotely video'd by way of a chip in a velcro wristband. The camera stays on the subject, wherever they may move in a certain area, pretty cool technology, the potential number of applications are limitless.

I saw a film guy approach a booth asking permission to film and interview and enjoyed listening to the quick banter of two young but very seasoned new media types. Tweet. Check. Tumblr. Check. Facebook, on and on. Check, check. Kids are way plugged in. I'm kind of plugged in.

Hit veegees on the way out for a mini eclair. We all are going to die someday, get over it.

Lena said that the blog has been rather hard and clinical lately, too many numbers, not enough whimsy. I think in a nice way she is telling me to lighten up.

Ended up at Bill and Jean's for corned beef, cabbage, Bushmills and dice. A fine Irish repast. A happy birthday yesterday to sister Liz.

Mike Reardon posted this lovely photo of Oceanside on the Fallbrook Shutters site. I thought that I would purloin it it is so good.

Oceanside Reflections ©  2013 Michael Reardon


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great weekend great photos the Oceanside one should be in print I want a 24x36. Sorry it was not one of yours. Big rat fink fan in the daze of old. Glad your back.
Deli guy

Sanoguy said...

Blue Heron... thanks for the posting and comment!! Much appreciated!!!

Sanoguy said...
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grumpy said...

awesome shot, Mike...