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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three one three one three

Got an interesting call from Vlad last night. A blog critique. Likes the current look but he says that I might be overcompensating, with all of the blog drama fluffery I went through last week. Mentions that my phrasing seems somewhat clipped and out of character. Hmmm, could be. Might still be engaged in a bit of wound licking. I deleted a few blogposts that might have caused me a bit of trouble if they had gone public and drove the old jalopy back out the door this week with nary a pause. Back in bidness.

He also says that my  obviously wide knowledge base regarding internet porn is a little troubling. Said that Pete Townshend was almost jailed for this sort of superior fact finding. I assure you Vlad, my interest in the topic is purely academic.

Sheebz sent this note over:

 Sheebz raises a good point; all of the passwords in our collective lives are a freaking drag. I end up forgetting and resetting about every day. Let's see, was it the dogs name or my mom's birthday?

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Anonymous said...

Bob, I was going to write a comment about two of your "rants," (not a nasty word, I did it yesterday trying to figure out the new Turbo Tax which is so automatic it is almost impossible to correct an error--but I finally did); I tried, but all those initials and other requirements--I just gave up. (After fighting with Turbo Tax, I didn't want to fight any more.) So I will write my comment to you--and you have my permission to publish it if you wish.

About Arkansas, remember it gave us Bill Clinton, who few people describe as a "right wing nut." Arkansas will change--every place swing in both directions, right and left. Even Texas, the home of Lyndon Johnson, the great president who got the Civil Rights Bill through congress before he made his mistake about Viet Nam.

About Ryan, keep in mind that he keeps his job by appealing to a certain group in his gerrymandered district. Whenever anyone complains about the losing party saying it won, I remember advice given me and others by a councilman in Los Angeles--"Don't try to convince your opponent--he's paid to disagree with you."

And as an added thought I just had, once when I was still in private practice of law in L.A. and I had been totally defeated in a case referred to the firm--I get a letter from the referring out-of-state attorneys congratulating me on the excellent result I obtained. Never admit defeat--again from memory, a renowned criminal lawyer once lectured to our class in law school saying he had NEVER lost a case--none of his rich clients was ever executed.