Monday, June 17, 2013

What's your price?

I have been thinking a lot about Abbie Hoffman of late. We don't have anyone like him around anymore and it is too bad for us. We could use him. Abbie's FBI file was over 13,000 pages long. Abbie did it all, he was a freelance writer for Crawdaddy while on the lam, tried to fight the despoliation of the Saint Laurence River under a pseudonym. Never stopped fighting for what he believed in. Hear that, Al Franken?

Ken Seals took a wonderful picture of Abbie in the sixties while he was working as a Kansas photojournalist but won't let me publish it, no matter how hard I beg.

I never met him but a close friend was a confidante of his. I will never forget watching a film of Abbie talking about the dangers of getting co-opted, getting turned so that you end up fighting against the things you stand for. It made a lot of sense. A lot of our politicians today, not to mention regular people, need to do their own gut check, see if they still recognize themselves in the mirror.

This is a pretty cool clip. Says it all.


WildBill said...

Somebody else with an FBI file:
NY Times/Hemingway/FBI surveillance

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