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Friday, June 14, 2013


Have you read the story about the teacher Carie Charlesworth? The poor woman taught second grade at a catholic school in San Diego, Holy Trinity. Her four children attended the same school. Now she has been fired and her children forbidden to return to school. Her crime?

Her ex-husband had beaten her up and had been subsequently incarcerated on felony charges and the school was afraid that he would get out some day and come back and hurt the other school children. Her ex husband Martin had a twenty year history of violence and abuse. She had filed restraining orders, reported him, done everything by the book. Now she's out of a job. Talk about punishing the victim...

After fourteen years of teaching at the school, she received the following letter:
"We know from the most recent incident involving you and Mrs. Wright (the principal) while you were still physically at Holy Trinity School, that the temporary restraining order in effect were not a deterrent to him. Although we understand he is current incarcerated, we have no way of knowing how long or short a time he will actually serve and we understand from court files that he may be released as early as next fall. In the interest of the safety of the students, faculty and parents at Holy Trinity School, we simply cannot allow you to return to work there, or, unfortunately, at any other school in the Diocese."
From NBC7:
Several parents at Holy Trinity, not disclosing their names out of safety concerns, said the district did the right thing in a no-win situation because they feared for the safety of their own children. Several parents mentioned being part of a movement to “pull kids out of the school” if Charlesworth returned. 
“It’s very painful to know people I thought would be the first people to be there for us were the first people to turn away,” said Charlesworth. 

Maybe this is why some women don't come forward with their stories of abuse, maybe they fear being shunned and losing their jobs? But don't worry, the school says that they will continue to pray for her. Pretty despicable.  What spiritual message are we giving the students; all for one and one for all until there is trouble, then you just cut some poor soul out of the herd? So much for coming to the aid of the weak and downtrodden. Jesus would hurl.


Marshall Stacks said...

the FEAR of these UN-Christian 'Christians' is because they do not have any faith that The Corrective System can deal correctly with this dreadful man.

I adhere to the kind parts of the christian ethic, but never see it reflected in the behaviour of actual bible-thumpers.

Will their Pro-Lifers now help her feed her child-foetuses through charity, and then congratulate themselves for being 'good'?.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the corrections corporations don't do the job. Thus mulitiple offenders and worse crimes. Has nothing to do with religion has to do with too many laws too many lawyers until one has been around super crazies and abusers you would never know what they are capable of especially of one little Johnny was in her class. Probably could have been handled better but we sure don't live in a perfect world looks like its only to get worse