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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Don't step on the grass, Sam.

they said if i did not open my door in 30 seconds they were gona kick it in! my name is not Roben Edwards. she does not live here. i told them she was land lady and lives 2 blocks away. they shut my cam off! he breathed on my freakin neck! i think i need two showers now. and one got mad cause i didn’t know where i put my shoes! he said what if i was gona get a gun. omg. i guess i woulda took it to the fukn door the fist time if that was my intent. or shoot from the window. i mean… WTF?

When the turf gestapo get on your trail you are guilty until proven innocent. Cops barge into Robyn Ruckman's home without a search warrant to try to arrest her for not cutting her grass. "I don't see a name tag." "I don't give a shit what you see." They shut off her video recorder after spotting it at 2:31, eventually break her bedroom door down, hand cuff her, rummage through her mail, go through her cabinets and treat her, well you make the call. Turns out they have the wrong woman. That woman lives down the street.
Ms. Edwards -- who owns several rental units on Maple Avenue with her partner Ronald Cotyk Jr. -- was cited with "failure to maintain property" in September 2010 after a neighbor complained about uncut grass and a sizable Rose of Sharon plant, she said in an interview this week. Mr. Cotyk received the same citation, court records show.
Ms. Edwards said she and Mr. Cotyk maintain the yards the best they can, but she is being treated for ovarian cancer. Since she's fallen ill, she said she has paid workers to maintain the yards of her six rental units in Turtle Creek.
She said she and Mr. Cotyk buy boarded-up houses and renovate them as rentals.
Ms. Edwards never responded to the citation, so an arrest warrant was issued, a staff member for District Judge Scott Schricker said. A hearing is scheduled for July 10, and Ms. Edwards said she has had the grass cut and plans to plead not guilty.

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