Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Couple interesting articles of note - Think ProgressFederal Judge Authorizes Chevron’s Sweeping Subpoena Of Activists’ Internet Data
The case involves an $18.2 billion judgment against Chevron in an Ecuador court, for massive environmental contamination from oil drilling. The Ecuadorian court found that Chevron had dumped toxic waste into Amazon waterways used by indigenous groups for drinking water and caused massive harm to the rainforest. Chevron responded by filing a lawsuit in U.S. court alleging that the plaintiffs engaged in a conspiracy to defraud the company.
As part of this lawsuit, Chevron has subpoenaed Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo to request all information related to the email addresses of more than 100 advocates, journalists, lawyers, and others. These individuals are not parties to the suit, but Chevron alleges that they are involved directly or indirectly in the litigation, and may have been outspoken critics of Chevron’s conduct. 
 AlterNetEPA Abandoned Fracking Investigation, and Will Do it Again 

Think Progress - Midwestern Dad Could Be Deported For Smoking Marijuana Fifteen Years Ago


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