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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Libertarian meets the gendarmes

This is a video from Rutherford County, Tennessee. Kid knows the laws regarding consent and unconstitutional search. Officers don't care. 21 year old Chris Kalbaugh, a libertarian, decides to challenge Officer Fife and it is on. There are a whole bunch of these videos cropping up on Youtube. Libertarians have been busy filming police stops across the nation.

Take on the man, might cost you a new paint job. My favorite quote is from the cops: "He's perfectly innocent and he knows his rights. He knows what the constitution says." Damn. But everybody should know by now that the constitution can be suspended for reasons of "safety."

The Deputy protagonist has his own somewhat checkered past:
A.J.Ross left the sheriff's department in 2004. He resigned instead of being terminated after failing to show up to testify in court on a day when he had dozens of criminal cases on the docket.
He also missed a grand jury appearance, according to the file.
On top of all that, Ross lied about having insurance when he rear-ended someone in his pickup truck, the file shows.

Kalbaugh is playing a dangerous game here. I needlessly provoked a cop once when I was young and stupid and the results were definitely not pretty.

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Anonymous said...

ooof, makes you sick if you grew up believing in the Warren Court. Welcome to Amerika y'all