Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mideast blather

Not to sound too cavalier or red blooded, but is this Syria fiasco any way to conduct an ass kicking? There is an ancient oriental proverb, Musashi or Sun Tzu, take your pick, that says that one should never draw one's sword until it is time to bloody it. Fight or shut up already.

I am no brawler but I have scrapped a couple times in my life and I know one thing; You never have to worry about the guy who spends an inordinate amount of time telling you what he is going to do to you in a fight. The guy at the schoolyard who dares you to cross some imaginary maginot line. It's always talk. You need to worry about the guy who never says anything and comes over and punches you in the mouth. Works the same way in the bar. Those are the guys to be afraid of.

Syria used gas on its own people. Not the first time, read up on Bashir's pop wiping out the town of Hama. Now why exactly are we playing world cop again? It's not like there is a single good guy in this drama. Or that we are apt to win over any hearts and minds this go around. Are we on the side of Al Qaeda or Hezbollah this time? Let these particular antagonists kill each other down to the last man for all I care. But please, enough of the spaghetti western bravado.

Iran is of course, opening their fat mouth too, promising vengeance on Israel as retribution for any United States aggression. Hey Persia, don't make any promises with your mouth that your ass can't fill. Israel won't talk, that's not their game, they will simply turn your god forsaken country into the middle east's largest asphalt parking lot before you know it. Hezbollah is talking big too about their plans. Sow the wind, reap the whirl wind. The Israelis aren't like Uncle Sam, they will shoot first and leave the talking for later.

We shouldn't be forced into some silly butch display that risks a disproportionate response and unforeseen deck shuffle in order to salve Obama's wounded pride. Hey Prez, if you feel a need to launch a surgical strike or two, be my guest. But for god's sake, shut up about what you are planning to do or not do. Frankly, it's unseemly. All the schoolyard bellicosity makes you sound like a sissy.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. Thanks for speaking it so eloquently Robert.

Anonymous said...

I missed the Syria article last nite when I was reading your blog. I think the sunset photo awed me enough that I was dazed and confused . I witnessed one about ten years ago that topped your but alas no smart phone or camera.
Your take on Syria hits the nail on the head about the situation and the so called prez.
I agree with you totally. Liked it so much when I am done here I am going to read it once again.


BA said...

Rocket Surgery and other delights..

Yo Rob-dog, my man! I like your asphalt comment. The Israeli's could then hire Ace Parking/Scott Jones to manage it all, you know it'd be the ultimate location for our new Charger's stadium. Maybe we'd actually sellout tickets before each weekly deadline. Think of it, no alcohol or pork products at the games...the Charger Girls in hijab and niqab (see Sura 33 (Al-Ahzab), ayah 59)
President Osama is acting very Clinton-esque of late, with the whole cruise missile surgery type a deal (see Baghdad, June 1993).
Interestingly I've seen numerous videos of how the average Akbar reporter in Syria is pleading for the US to intervene but we all know after one of the "surgical" Tomahawks lands on an alleged Head Start facility on Ben Gay factory full of senior citizen factory workers they'll start slinging the Great Satan moniker at us once again.
I certainly am horrified by the recent images of gassed women and children, but my question is this: why aren't the other A-rab governments and Muslim Boys Club entities horrified enough to gather collectively and police one of there own?
I mean, I'm sure we could loan them a few cruise Tomamhawks at full pop retail(we know Scuds are about as accurate as a zip gun). Hell, the Chinese could even provide them with our top secret guidance systems...
...over and out.

Anonymous said...

I agree Robert just like the new age parent.....I'll give you ten minutes to stop that Johnny or mommys going to be mad...either kick ass or maybe just worry about the mess here at home you were to so able you said to clean up

grumpy said...

fuck this shit; enough already...take that a-hole Assad OUT-waste his sorry ass...if we don't, who will? many more dead women and children are we willing to endure?...God forgive me; i see no other way.....