Friday, August 2, 2013


Karen Carpenter was a consumate professional who possessed a voice like an angel and perfect pitch. No less an expert than Buddy Rich identified her as his favorite drummer. While this pop song might be too shmaltzy for some, it is interesting to consider the lyrics in light of the singer's apparent isolation and emotional frailty that led to her ultimate defeat in her fatal battle with anorexia.

The Carpenters were so unhip in their time, in the wake of acid rock and the like. Human emotion was not really in favor. The square Carpenters were out. Yet these were extremely talented artists who I believe deserve to be reevaluated more fairly, especially after this passage of time. A guilty pleasure.

Probably a lip synch but the drums appear live. Obviously the horns and strings were piped in. A very beautiful song.


grumpy said...

lypsynch all the way but no friggin' matter; Karen's voice was one in a million, and Buddy's comment was spot on; he should know; rest in peace, my beautiful angel.

Splash! said...

I always liked Karen. Few artists from the first word in a song do you know exactly who it is. Always knew it was Karen Carpenter.
Richard was into muscle cars.
Great act!

Victoria Roberts Art Assemblage said...

Love love love her vocals... AND I love that you posted this, then I happened to have it on my mix during the Great Southwestern Show! Dave Alvin, when he speaks of his home town of Downey, CA, always mentions proudly that Karen was another Downey homey. Square yes, but awesomely talented and I always loved listening to them.