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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pocket Thunderbird

Pocket Thunderbird from randyman on Vimeo.

Blast member in great standing Randy Walters shot this video for his ailing father with his new Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera and a 10mm f/1.6 Kern Paillard Switar lens.  GREAT JOB, RANDY!
I shot 99% of this piece over about an hour on the evening of 9.11.13, using the wonderful Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera and a 10mm f/1.6 Kern Paillard Switar lens.
I had no plans for the footage while I was shooting, but when I realized how well it would go with Marc Cohn's song "Silver Thunderbird", I immediately knew what I had to do.
My nearly 90-year-old father is dying of cancer, and it's very unlikely he'll see his next birthday. So this is my early birthday present to him, with gratitude for all he's done for me.
Graded in DaVinci 9/10 and edited in Final Cut Pro. Just a couple shots - the sky, a cornfield - used a Kern Paillard Switar 25mm f/1.4 lens. One bokeh shot used the "bokeh monster" Meyer-Optik Orestor 135mm f/2.8 lens.
The 10mm Switar is full of character, and vignettes just a touch. Sometimes it's visible, sometimes it isn't - but I like it a lot.
The Pocket Cinema Camera is a joy to use, though I'm still investigating stabilization techniques that will enable greater handheld freedom, for less static shots. It's still in the early days... this little camera has a big future in store.

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