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Friday, September 27, 2013


"The leadership of your agencies built an intelligence collection system that repeatedly deceived the American people." Senator Ron Wyden

NSA is collecting and compiling all of your social network data.

Senators blame public and media for NSA fallout, ask patsy questions.

Senators push to preserve NSA status quo - NYT

Christopher Boyce on Snowden - Wired

Feds Targeted Snowden’s Email Provider the Day After NSA Whistleblower Went Public - Wired

NSA spied on Senators, political enemies, scribes, Buchwald, MLK, Ali, etc.

Official sidesteps questions on NSA and cellphones - My hero, Senator Ron Wyden, master of the leading question.

Sen. Ron Wyden: NSA 'repeatedly deceived the American people' - Glenn Greenwald

NSA employees spied on personal love interests - Guardian

We tried to stay for the better part of seven years inside the government trying to get the government to recognize the unconstitutional, illegal activity that they were doing and openly admit that and devise certain ways that would be constitutionally and legally acceptable to achieve the ends they were really after. And that just failed totally because no one in Congress or — we couldn't get anybody in the courts, and certainly the Department of Justice and inspector general's office didn't pay any attention to it. And all of the efforts we made just produced no change whatsoever. All it did was continue to get worse and expand.
Ex NSA Official Bill Binney

Never rub another man's rhubarb - The Joker