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Saturday, November 2, 2013

John Muir Trophy

The show is going pretty well up in San Francisco. Beautiful weather, some good sales, a nice meal or two. Another day left and I am fairly content right now.

I can't wax too prosaically since I am supposed to be shmoozing the public at the moment but wanted to share a fantastic find with you.

I bought this extraordinary large silver plate trophy during set up at the show, a samovar made in 1887 that was awarded by the Parkhead Ornithological Association to one John Muir on three separate dates, in October of 1899, 1900 and 1901. It originally came out of a Hillsborough estate filled with wonderful things.

As a birder and also a person with a love for both nature and history I feel quite privileged to own this piece, for however brief a time it may be in my possession. I thought I better snap a picture with my phone before it flies away.

I am actually thinking of contacting the Crocker or a similar museum and seeing if they are interested in purchasing it if it doesn't sell here.

Very cool thing.

Postscript 11/3/13

The urn sold to a fellow dealer, Bryn Bannatyne Snyder and her mother. Their respective father and husband was a full blooded Scot who often walked the John Muir Trail. His ashes will lie in this vessel for perpetuity. A perfect ending for the piece.


Anonymous said...

Should this not be the trophy for best of show in our Fallbrook Shutters photography show that is currently hanging in glory at the Pinnell Gallery?

Sanoguy said...

Great find! I think Jon is on to something!