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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Taking care of business

I feel pretty good, three quarters of the way through my four show gauntlet. Happy about a lot of things. The cortisone shot immediately helped my shoulder pain.

Not going to Yellowstone proved a blessing, I have made very productive use of my time, finding two important estates and knuckling down and creating opportunities for myself. One might eventually prove quite lucrative. Sent a few things off to auction.

Had an italian modern lamp go off at Rago's far above estimate on tuesday, making me feel like I would probably be okay throughout whatever the world dishes out through my recuperation. Makes up for the painting I overpaid for at Moran.

I didn't have any great big sales in San Francisco but kept grinding and managed to make a little money spotting value, buying and quick selling. Last thing bought, first thing sold, a truism in my business. I'm just trying to stay busy and productive and it is paying off at a time when some of my peers and pals are unfortunately having a tough time. My egos not so very big that I don't realize that it could easily be me eating it at the moment.

Not getting rich but getting most of my bills paid.

Dodged a catastrophic bullet after hearing reports that I might have a serious water leak under my building. Turned out to be a neighbor's running toilet, thankfully.

I stopped off in Fresno to see my father at the Alzheimer's Home yesterday. It was fantastic. He actually recognized me and spoke my name, the first time in over two years that has happened. Recognized both a letter a and an aleph I had drawn. I speak to him in english, hebrew and even throw in a little yiddish, trying to trigger some long lost memory and brain function. This cognition has been missing for a while and it is a joy to experience it, no matter how temporary it may prove to be.

My dad, an expert mathematician, took me to Vegas when I became of age and taught me the game of blackjack. I am not sure that he understood but yesterday I regaled him with tales of my recent blackjack winnings and conquest. Afterwards I received a warm and loving kiss.

Doesn't get better than that.

My stepmother is once again, an angel. Best wishes to her daughter Sarah, who recently got married. Need to see Buzz soon in Toronto, who is experiencing his own tsuris.


Food in San Francisco largely sucked. A friend who shall go nameless, raved about the Shanghai Dumpling Shop in Milbrae. The Yelp reviews said that the staff was curt and surly and they were right. It would have been alright if the food was good but unfortunately it wasn't.

The xiao long bao were acrid and astringent. So much better on Convoy. Cold duck plate was okay, everything else was marginal.

Strange but on the whole I prefer the asian food down here, especially the sushi. Big city sushi portions are minuscule or maybe  mix in weird stuff like fruit. Had a rotten italian dinner at La Luneta in San Mateo, roast pork wrapped with bacon and then accompanied by a vile western barbecue sauce. Completely inappropriate. Decent food at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, Phil Lesh's restaurant and a fantastic meal with Loughlin at Creola. Best filet anywhere.


The Fallbrook Shutters fourth annual photography show opened Friday at the Pinnell Gallery. I haven't seen it yet, although I vetted it, being the founder of the group, but am told that it might be our best exhibition yet. Very proud of my photographers, the abbreviated group this year includes Mike Reardon, Ken Seals, Lou Nidorf, Kip Peterson, Dixon Fish, Bill Olson, Jon Harwood, myself and Fred Young. The show runs through the month, please stop by and check it out if you can.

Best wishes to Jim Swan, a dear friend who recently underwent successful back surgery.

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Big Boy Bob said...

The real Shanghai Dumpling House is in SF on Balboa at 34th. I doubt that any impostor would ever be as good as the real thing. Give the real thing a try next time.