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Saturday, December 7, 2013

bird in a cage

cooped up like a decidedly non free range chicken, wing pinioned, mostly hormone free - reading my sick books, latest Le Carre - surprise, there is a betrayal, who would have thunk?, Cornwall's characters are a tad deeper than most humans I personally run into but they tend to get a little predictable these days. Smiley's people vid next, watched the first season of shameless yesterday. Was going stir crazy wednesday, tubes and compression socks and the ice machine, couldn't move, couldn't breathe -  shed all the hardware for an occasional icepack and an ibuprofen.  You knew I wouldn't be able to stop writing, didn't you?

Christmas in our house means of course dim sum, jasmine, let me know who wants to show this year.



chinese going out for jewish this time,  a benefit, lower east side 1903, trying to save the jews from the pogroms of kishinev, where my mother's family is from.


Anonymous said...

A little relax will be good u will be a new man in no time

Ken Seals said...

Missing you at Caffe Primo