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Monday, December 2, 2013

Davanti Del Mar

I had my pre-op exam this morning for tomorrow's shoulder surgery. Everything is going to be great. To celebrate afterwards I took Leslie to one of my new favorite local restaurants, Davanti Enoteca Del Mar.

This is my second visit but Leslie had never been there and I was sure that she would love it. She did.

We started the meal with the obligatory Ligurian focaccia filled with the wonderful italian cheese and topped with honeycomb.

Leslie decided that we should sit outside and it was a splendid idea. The first thing I noticed was that the music was great, another restaurant that favors 60's psychedelia. I guess that we have arrived. White Room, Hendrix, all very good for the digestive tract.

We started looking at the menu. Everything is tantalizing, risottos, ragu of the day, all manner of pasta with everything sounding so interesting.

I decided on the pappardelle with the beef cheek, roasted tomato and parmesan. Leslie  decided to get a salumi, cheese and salad concoction off the special menu as well as an apple and fennel salad.

We also ordered one of the very intriguing cheeses, a robiola bosina and extra bread, which it turned out we really didn't need.

Leslie also got a very special cocktail called the Master after the master cleanse, this one contained maple syrup, lemon and cayenne and a splash of Tito's Vodka.  I tasted it and it was delicious.

Alas the server told me that they were out of the beef cheek so I decided to try the ravioli. What an amazing dish, it was filled with squash, browned butter, sage, crispy prosciutto and a liberal dollop of hazelnuts. Really remarkable, worth the price of admission.

We really like the place. I think that it gives Cucina Urbana a run, and is certainly better than the new joint in Flower Hill, Cucina Enoteca. I sat at the bar there recently and came away very disappointed. "At $4.50 a glass I certainly don't want another root beer, I don't care if it was brewed by capuchin monks in Bhutan." The fennel pizza was terrible and they have now taken the garlic and oil away from their Burrata confit vasi. Don't I sound like a petulant yuppie now?

The meal here was terrific, Leslie's salad a thing of wonder. My ravioli was heaven and the crunchy prosciutto just tops. Unami time.

Tracy always gets the mascarpone polenta, just too much to try at this place, actually part of a small chain that started in Chicago.

We were way too full for dessert but it certainly looked terrific and next time out will drastically reduce the bread and wait for the apple caramel tart or the lime thingie.

I encourage you to try this restaurant. I promise you won't be sorry.

Davanti Enoteca
12955 El Camino Real (At Del Mar Highlands Town Center)
Del Mar, CA, 92130

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