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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Tree DNA

My journey into my personal genetic history has been one of my most fascinating and rewarding pursuits in recent years. I trace my male L-792 line back to africa over 22,000 years ago and have very close kinship with several well known despots, including one Napoleon Bonaparte. Born to conquer.

I have discovered over 2300 cousins through Family Tree DNA's Family Finder Autosomal test, they range from second to fifth. I have traced my mother's mitochondrial K dna, a progeny of the eighth daughter of Ulrike and am aware of several hundred of those matches. And most importantly, through the E1b1b1b double helix website, I have learned so much about genetics from the many fantastic professional and amateur genetics experts in my clan.

Family Tree DNA is running a very good sale right now. For $99.00 you can get the Family Finder test and get your feet wet. Autosomal DNA is actually what comprises most of your chromosomes, the y being only a twenty third of the whole package. They send you a kit and you do two cheek swabs. Packet gets sent to the Texas Genomics Center and in six weeks you get your results.

This is a great company, far better than some of the companies getting negative press lately and one with a huge database. I believe they are giving a hundred dollar restaurant coupon as well so the deal is basically free. Check it out. You won't regret it. Unless all the new kin want to come over for dinner at the same time.

I could go into a long dissertation about what I have learned about my genetic clan, which is known to some as the Sea People. Suffice it to say that I have an enriched sense of identity and respect for our forbears and a much greater knowledge of our human history. 99 bucks.

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Thomas G Johnson said...

I'm very sure that this company has safeguards in place so that government snoops or Eric the Holder can't compromise this information? Sheeesh!