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Monday, December 23, 2013

Lightning Rod and Whipping Boy

I think that I saw our President in one of his most cynically dishonest moments the other day. The Fox reporter was asking him about his falling credibility with the American public and Obama said that the reporter must be conflating him with Clapper. And I thought, how ingeniously disingenuous. Keep Clapper around to hang and take the hits, while he has actually been doing your bidding, and you get to skate above it all, at least in your mind. Really looking forward to your big privacy speech.


Sotomayor Strikes!


Where you from, boy? Harvard Dialect MapIt pegs me as Modesto and Fresno. Close I guess, considering I am a transient regional polyglot.


Sanoguy said...

I am a 3rd generation Californian… my parents were from Nor Cal.. my Mom was from Tulare, in the San Joaquin Valley, my Dad was born in Oakland and grew up in the Sierras and later the Bay Area… he lived in Tulare for a short time at the beginning of WW II before marrying my Mom. They then moved to the LA area where I grew up.

My dialect came is from Fresno / Modesto / Salt Lake City…. I understand my connection to Fresno ? Modesto, my parents grew up near those places. i don't get the Salt Lake City connection.

Interesting study!!

Blue Heron said...

I got the three same indicators.