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Monday, January 6, 2014

Border trouble

The United Nations Refugee somebody or other  is plenty sore with Israel. Apparently about fifty five thousand Eritreans and Sudanese have snuck into the country illegally and the hosts aren't really happy about the situation.

Now there is something different about asking for asylum and demanding asylum. Definitely a difference in tone. The Israelis seem to think that these people are simply looking for better economic conditions and not really political prisoners or what have you. But the U.N. is sticking its nose in. The U.N. has never been exactly fair minded in any matter concerning Israel.

For instance during the 61st session. the year of the Sudanese genocide in Darfur, there were twenty two resolutions condemning Israel but not a single mention or censure of Sudan. I have previously mentioned the uneven behavior of UNESCO regarding the Israelis on the blast. In 1975 the General Assembly adopted the famous Zionism is Racism resolution. If there is one thing that the Europeans are good at, it is waving a chiding finger in Israel's face. These are the emissaries of good, you see. Ultimate do gooders usually too stupid to see that they are being manipulated, or maybe they frankly don't care.

Leaving all those factoids aside, good Israel, bad Israel, I don't particularly care, that's for you to sort out if you want to, isn't it rich that all of these black and often muslim refugees want to settle in the land of the Zionist, apartheid oppressor? How bad is the Zionist, apartheid oppressor anyway? And why don't africans trust other africans? They must think that they will get a squarer deal in Israel.

But Israel is sweetening the pot. Every refugee that gets sent back to the home country gets about $1500, a real payday for these people. Extortion really. We won't leave your hotel until you pay us. But some people are apparently never happy.
The representative for the U.N. refugee agency in Israel, Walpurga Englbrecht, criticized Israel's policy in a statement Sunday. She highlighted a new detention facility in Israel's southern desert that she said appears to operate as a place from which "there is no release."
Hey, Walpurgisnacht, I got an idea. Tell them to stay home. This isn't Phoenix, the Israelis are pretty serious about keeping tabs who gets in or out and this group may not be the winning demographic. You got over twenty african countries, a ton of other islamic countries that should be happy as hell to help their brethren. Where are they? Why do these people want to throw their lot in with the yids? Its like dogs wanting to sleep with cats, very unnatural. Or is this some trojan horse gambit? And how many restaurant jobs are open for these people to fill on Dizengoff? Here is some more info on the recent demonstrations from Al Jazeera.
Human rights groups say more than 300 people have been arrested since a new law, passed by Israel's parliament three weeks ago, allows authorities to detain migrants without valid visas indefinitely.
Mickey Rosenfeld, a police spokesperson, told Al Jazeera that most of the demonstrators at Sunday’s rally were asylum seekers from Africa who wanted to stay in the country.
"There are thousands of people assembling in central Tel Aviv, and they are mostly Africans who are requesting to stay in the country," Rosenfeld said.
Asylum seekers chanting "we are all refugees" and "yes to freedom, no to prison," were joined by Israeli rights activists during the march.
"We have fled persecution, dictatorships, civil wars and genocides," Dawud, an Eritrean asylum-seeker at the protest, told Agence France-Presse. "The Israeli government must study our requests for asylum and treat us like human beings," Dawud added, declining to give his full name.
He said that demonstrators intended to head for the United Nations refugee agency's (UNHCR) Tel Aviv office and foreign embassies in the coastal city.
"Instead of considering us refugees, Israel treats us like criminals," Dawud said.
You hopped the fence, Dawud. That's illegal.

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saudis expel 400,000 yemenis, 150,000 ethiopians