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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Outrage, part one

You will have to pardon me, I'm a little behind on my outrages. I can't get the bread I want anymore at Subway because they have removed the azodicarbonamide, the plastic chemical that not only strengthens the dough but  bleaches yoga mats and stiffens the soles of your shoes. Now that's a dual purpose chemical! Yum.

Maybe McDonalds will soon get rid of Dimethylpolysiloxane in its french fries, the silicone ingredient that is also found in Silly Putty? Nahhh. A link to some other neat chemicals found in food.


I would assume that most Americans have heard about the little town of Negreet in Sabine Parish, Louisiana. This is the part of the United States where there is absolutely no separation of church and state and where the establishment clause does not apply. Well, here and South Carolina, anyway.

The story of the Thai buddhist kid at Negreet High School who was basically given the choice of finding Jesus or moving to another school really floors me. Read the actual lawsuit here, it is an eye opener.

I have read every news account of this story I can find. The student's father is a local and he himself the son of a preacher. The science teacher is a young earth creationist christian who feels that other religions are stupid. It is mind boggling that this stuff still occurs in America.

It has been interesting to read the comments people have posted on these stories. Because it must be said that the great majority of people, christians included, find this behavior over the line and reprehensible. One woman said Welcome to America, majority rules but most people are frankly appalled, as am I.

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