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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Labor Day Genetics

This is a good weekend to order a DNA test at Family Tree DNA. The complete y sequencing that cost me over $800 is now much cheaper and includes MtDNA and str values as well as snps. Or you can go a la carte and learn a lot. They are listing the Complete Genomics package on the website, it might be a typo. If not it is a deal.

I have found over 3200 new cousins through five degrees of cousinship with the autosomal test, hope they don't all show up for dinner at the same time.

My testing, as well as my cohorts, is helping rewrite the genetic family tree as we currently know it. My 4968-a group, an offshoot of E's L-791, is an endogamous jewish population that appears to split in europe around 900c.e., exact country unknown. Of course, roughly 21,000 years earlier, we all decided to boogie out of Somalia and head to more northern ground.

More and more people are testing their DNA and our knowledge of our genetic past increases by the day. If you want to get tested, do it now with the labor day sale, Y67, MtDNA and autosomal for men, MtDNA and autosomal test for women at a minimum. We can talk about the other stuff. Link to FTDNA here.

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