Madrone sunrise, Point Lobos

Thursday, October 30, 2014

All the news that fits the print

I wanted to thank the many of you that enjoyed my latest literary offering, the continuing stories from the little town of Clarkdale, CA, the at least one time "Pistachio Capitol of the World." As they like to say down at Big Chief High School, "Clarkdale, where our nuts are bigger."

Thanks to those of you who weren't absolutely crazy about it either, really weren't too many of you. I plan on looking a little closer at the little town the native's call "Stumpville" in the months ahead and bring you little snatches of the goings on around the fair berg.

For now the story is off the web, we'll let it incubate for a while and season up some.

Thanks again for checking in!

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully the next chapter will delve into the last train & the monkees.