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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Always a dangerous proposition to tap the ivories on the computer keyboard when I am this fried and exhausted. I have been pushing at a feverish pace for weeks if not months, with no blank spaces for life to percolate and gestate, pushing, pushing, close to the snap. No end in sight, driving to Canada soon for another mission, of course the story within a story are my eyes' rapid degeneration, I had the cataracts measured this morning and will move forward soon if I can get the required cardiac clearance.  But loss of vision has also caused a constant numbing headache, not to mention a host of other maladies I won't get into. Beyond coffee even at this point, might have to segue into liquid ginseng. Pleasure of getting older. Got on television this weekend, hate my voice, can't stand the back of my head. Ferguson was a given, a majority white jury won't indict a white cop, no way, no how. We never will get a vote tally, unless it leaks of course.

rip Eric Garner
Cleveland kid got shot this weekend too, with a toy gun, think they would shoot a white kid playing with a toy gun in a playground? Course there is a horrible problem in America with white on white violence, 83% I hear. An epidemic, that is if you believe the FBI. Darren Wilson skated this time but after seeing the guy on video, he does seem to be a bit of an asshole. Hey, I hear he had a troubled childhood. Of course in Utah, police killing of civilians leads all other causes of death except for domestic, outpacing, drugs, gangs and child abuse. Lord, protect us from our protectors. DOJ still stonewalling on racial breakdown of police homicides, the largest contributor of homicides in our country, 20 years after being asked. But it's pretty clear who is in their gunsights.

Read the letters in the St. Louis Post Dispatch this morning with the nasty racist references to monkeys and thugs and understand what an ugly country we have become. Of course, we already knew that. There's this guy, the Nevada speaker talking about the simple minded darkies. Or the dude in Minnesota that suggests that we frag all the muslim americans. Course its all Obamas fault for stirring up this racism stuff, should have left well enough alone. Then you have the newly elected exorcist in Colorado who claims that Gays are inhuman. Ready for the new Kristallnacht, are we? Course if you held a vote today, I am sure that many red districts would vote to bring back slavery. Can't wait for them to secede, tired of bi coastal tax dollars going to support these thumping neanderthal flat earthers.

Kudos to Secretary Chuck Hagel for resigning from Obama and Susan Rice's farcical foreign policy machine. Worst foreign policy blunderer since Jimmy Carter, this president. When the Iranians have the last laugh, Israel can clean up after our naive asses. Of course Anthony Bourdain says that the Iranians are super cool and we should let them slide, but have they let those journalists buddies of his  out of jail yet? Or have they just been "disappeared?" Hong Kong might be about to have its Tianamen moment. Lovely people, those totalitarian despots.

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