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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Greetings from Thailand

My buddy MJ is married to a thai woman Oa and they, along with their child Harper, split their time between California and Thailand. I believe that his wife's native village is very rural. He sends shots along of his recent excursions to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

I wish I knew more about these and that he could narrate and explain but he can't so we will just enjoy the visceral visuals, shall we?

Michael sent me a letter: Robert
This group of pictures are 90% from Jatujak the largest outdoor market in the world, you can buy centipedes, monkeys, caimans, flowers, and unreal art and food. We get a lot design of inspiration from the crafts.

My spouse is definitely not a fan of hot weather so it surprised me yesterday when she saw these pictures and said that it would be fun to go to Thailand and have Michael show us around. Hmmm.

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