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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Le Du

It is interesting to me how so many of my friends are starting to actualize their dreams after years, if not decades of hard work. Many of my friends are from Chicago of all places and many of them coincidentally went to the same school, Johnston College at the University of Redlands.

Shawn hates it when I blog about him but he has made huge strides in the field of botany and accomplished incredible things in his life, through vision, grit and determination. Mostly an incredible focus and a huge amount of hard work.

Shawn is an American expat who lives in Thailand. He saw yesterday's blog and decided to show me that I am not the only one eating and living large. He apparently had a very nice meal in Bangkok the other night, at Le Du.

Nothing like sharing a meal with a beautiful woman. Lovely plates. Maybe I will make it to Thailand one day...
"We had the duck, lamb, black truffle soup, mackerel, marou chocolate cake and the the pandas cake with shallot ice cream (who'd a thunk?) " Shawn

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