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Friday, March 20, 2015

New Schwag

I think that I live a pretty humble life. Try to pay my bills and take an annual vacation if I can, like most schmucks. Drive an old car, live in an old house, don't have a lot of fancy toys. My food budget might be a tad inflated, sort of like my belly, but let's just say I take my food criticism responsibility very seriously. The things I do for you people!

If this sounds like a preamble to a new purchase, well it is. I bought a new camera yesterday.

A new Nikon D7200. This camera is practically identical physically to the camera I use on a daily basis, the D7000, but it is now two iterations further into the future. It gives me the promise of 8 more megs of resolution, wifi, near field, phenomenal low light capability, a larger buffer and fps and most importantly, clearer pictures with the removal of the anti aliasing filter on the new Exceed 4 sensor.

Cognoscenti and photo snobs still consider this an amateur camera but I frankly don't care what they think. This camera suits my purposes and workflow. I like light and nimble and the addition of the new 1.3 crop mode feature will turn my 500mm into a 700mm in a jiffy, giving me a new reach into the hawk's nest.

I actually considered the D750 and 810, both excellent full frame cameras but I am pretty set up with my existing dx glass. The two lenses on my wish list that I would need to obtain for the full frame, the Nikon 24 - 70mm and the 70 - 200mm 2.8 would definitely put me in the poorhouse or cause a divorce at an additional 4k. I liked my old camera very much and this improves it without busting the bank or my marriage! And certain specs and features of this camera actually exceed its more more uptown brethren.

This camera has been on the photo radar since October. I saw yesterday that it was supposed to ship that very day and said screw it, got to have it. Contacted B&H in New York, less than 24 hours later , courtesy of free shipping and no tax, here it sits in my hot little hands.

The camera is too new to be currently supported in Lightroom so I will have to shoot a jpeg raw combination for a while until LR 6 comes out, which I am guessing will have the file support.

I use the hell out of my gear. They are tools for me. I have an exciting shoot this afternoon. Look forward to sharing the tangible results of this fine new camera with you.


Sanoguy said...

It is good to be King!

Anonymous said...


Yes, yes… but that S2 shot of Sabrina is SO Leica! :-)

Anonymous said...

Professional photographers will often use midrange digital bodies as the digital tickey tacked they have inside gets dated so rapidly.