Peregrine Falcon, Torrey Pines

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's a chick!

Yesterday was for the birds. Quick pack and turnaround, ready to hit the road again. When I left the valley in the morning I noticed that we had a new resident, a baby red tailed hawk.

I left work early and went back to the hawk nest with the long lens, just back from the shop. Still, unfortunately, not long enough.

The mother was gone but I noticed the father hanging around, now missing a feather. A vulture swooped too close to the nest and daddy shooed it off.

I was talking to the neighbors later and Steph asked me if there might not be two, last year we only saw one as well in the beginning. Looking at the photos this morning, she was right. Two maybe three eyass, or hawk babies.

I am glad that there are multiple babies. Always more fun growing up when you have somebody to play with.

I plan on renting a 600mm upon my return and getting better pictures of these little guys this year. I want to try out the Tamron 150-600 and the Sigma Contemporary 150-600mm anyway and this will give me an excuse. Will keep you posted.

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