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Friday, May 22, 2015


We got a nice light rain all night, hope the El NiƱo keeps up. As I was driving out the narrow canyon road towards coffee this early morning I espied Mama Red Tailed Hawk on one of her favorite perches.

If I may be permitted an anthropomorphism,  she gave me the look and flew away.

Continuing on a little farther to the sycamore, the two progeny looked a bit soaked. I got the tripod out of the car and grabbed a few shots.

The birds were drenched and looked slightly miffed.

This is a shot I took on my way home last night, hawk mother hanging out on a limb keeping  watchful eye on the kids.

Make sure you click on a photo to see these full size.

Still not tack sharp but there is a definite distance problem.

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