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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sittin' on top of the world

The world is getting more and more preposterous, from the impending federal invasion of Texas to twitter utilizing jihadis, I have a serious desire to step off this swirling cesspool and head for saner ground somewhere in the universe, that is if any sane ground can still be found.

Seem to favor birds over discussing politics these days, in case you noticed there is nobody wearing a white hat in the current scenario, all options have a hole in the midriff a mile wide. Quite disenchanting. Hillary is a masterful politician, not sure any of the good ones actually believe in anything... going to be another run through Obama 3, making all sorts of campaign promises that she immediately steers away from?

At least Bill had the knack and this woman knows how to leverage and compromise when necessary, probably won't be an ideologue. That is one of the main problems with the current administration, the pious sanctimony in places like the State Department for instance, where wet behind the ears ninny spokesmen can pretend to joust with distinguished statesmen with lifetimes of experience and insult them.

Canada is trying to keep an ex Gitmo terrorist who killed a United States Army sergeant with a hand grenade off the street. There was a bail hearing this week. The United States State Department said that we don't care if he gets bailed out, presumably continuing a policy of loving the little bastards to death in hopes of their eventual rehabilitation. Way to support our neighbors to the north.

I have been real busy but wanted to comment on long and short chain fluorocarbons when I get a minute...some very interesting information available from your friends, the chemical companies.

Big Solar Flare yesterday. One of those hot searing puppies could flame us out with as much concern as you have wiping up picnic ants with a wet paper towel. Serve us right.

The current GOP ticket is a real clown car. Top to bottom. Just dial in the amount of whack you think you can tolerate. I think Graham is probably the most intelligent and decent but I know that I am in the minority. Maybe not electable, not gung ho enough. Maybe too (allegedly) pink.

No time to write. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

"I believe everything you have ever said or thought." Well maybe not EVERYTHING but this here piece sure sums up the cluster***k that is the world today.