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Friday, May 8, 2015

U-T goes bye bye

As a native San Diegan, I must say that the sale of the San Diego U-T to the Tribune Co. is an amazing thing. We have never had a daily in San Diego in my lifetime with balanced editorial views. Herb Klein, Gerald Warren, Doug Manchester, the honchos at the fish wraps have always been extremely to the right of the political spectrum although the region has a fairly even electorate and has actually skewed dem in recent years.

This paper existed as sort of a house organ for Papa Doug and his pals, got his picture in the society pages a lot and scratched some of his cronies' backs. It actually got a bit better of late. But I guess the allure of the toy wore off and now he can go back to his real estate empire.

There was a brief time in the 1960's when a democratic leaning paper was discussed in these parts, The Sun, but I don't think it ever hit the stands or if it did, its shelf life was short.

The Los Angeles Times is certainly not what it once was but it is still a far better periodical than we are used to at the last left turn in America and I think the change will be refreshing. Hope we get some fresh minds and bodies on the editorial page too.


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Kent Borsch said...

The purchase took me by surprise as well. On balance probably a positive to us dinosaurs. In particular business, international new and Calendar/arts coverage should be improved. Likely local coverage will suffer. Your right about the Manchester ownership it was a disaster, thankfully short lived.