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Friday, June 7, 2019

Manny Robles

I enjoy boxing and like many people, was totally blown away by the Andy Ruiz fight. The new heavyweight champion, a boxer from Imperial with humble roots and a lion's heart. And an unconventional build. Having been in the martial arts ring, I know its not about the dog in the fight but also the fight in the dog. But more importantly, it is the fact that the kid boxed from the age of six and has very fast hands. The training and technique is burned into his muscle memory. Fearless, after he got tagged he let it all go. Kid is a fighter and I wish him continued success.

I rarely put up stuff like this but am so impressed with his trainer. Boxer doesn't win, he doesn't eat. Hard to watch this and not both empathize with him and like him. Looking forward to the rematch.

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