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Thursday, November 5, 2020



This woman just assaulted my wife. She walked into Leslie's store and started giving Leslie a hard time about Trump, Q Anon and Biden.

Leslie held the door open and asked her to leave. The woman leaves and then pushes her way back in. She grabbed Leslie with both hands around the throat and strangles her, punching her in the face.  Leslie ended up taking her down.

Leslie had a regular customer that witnessed the whole thing but she doesn't want to get involved. She begged Leslie to lock the door because she felt threatened by the woman.

Police are on their way. Stay tuned.

Cops show up, two fire trucks, ambulance. Total fiasco.


Postscript - Cop comes and interviews the other lady. She evidently pressed charges, made up a bunch of lies. Says Leslie assaulted her. Cop comes to interview Leslie and she said that she wouldn't press charges, to let it go. 

Big mistake. Cop writes her a court appearance battery ticket. Leslie then says that she will press charges too. Cop said, too late, you missed your chance. Your word against her word. Leslie went to seek medical care, talked to a lawyer.

What a day.


JeffN said...

Holy crap! That's awful. I sure hope Leslie is OK, and I hope the Trumpette gets arrested with extreme prejudice. Damn, people are nuts...

island guy said...


Bethany said...

Oh my!Do you know who she is? I hope Leslie is OK.

Anonymous said...

Horrifying! Let us know if you need to start a fund for a great lawyer. Not kidding.

Blue Heron said...

Cop definitely came in having already picked sides. I could tell by how he was talking to her. Some nasty competitors across the way were said to be badmouthing her as well to the cop. What an awful day..

Sanoguy said...

WOW! I certainly wish Leslie the best with this terrible situation!

Anonymous said...

Roberto,don't mess around Procopio law firm John Alessio is managing partner. If you know your sandiego history his family has rich history here. I hope leslie gets better and I feel horrible this has happened. Love peace and music for leslie and you .

Blue Heron said...

Procopio was my family law firm, knew Manny well. Think we are going in another direction, can't really afford them now.

KAT JOY said...

What in America hell?!
"Too late, you lost your chance?" Is that by a code the cop was following or did he make that up?
I knew this country was going to get more violent when Trump was elected. I was correct.
If that #45 had any sense (which he does not) or one iota of compassion (which he does not) he would resign for the sake of every American's safety. But we all know he only cares about the clueless that vote for his evilness.
You and Leslie are little beyond friends of a friend. I really care about both of you and your lives. And this really bothers me. I hope Leslie gets a restraining order. And best of luck with her case.
This is madness.

Blue Heron said...

Well, we have both a witness and a very interesting video, that is all I can say... Thanks to everyone.

Alita G said...

Let us know if you need a character witness, we love Leslie!!

Blumoon said...

What a nightmare. There is such an undercurrent of hate out there w some, easily to ignite.

Kerr A. Lott said...

Sorry to hear Leslie is going through this BS.

I'm not a lawyer, but without a witness I think it's all 'she said/she said'.

If the cop talked to the witness (?) his report *should* indicate that she was there but was unwilling to describe the incident for the report and wouldn't say why.

A summons is not a charge. Only the District Attorney can file criminal charges, the decision would be based on the testimony given at the hearing and the police report.

Considering the circumstances I doubt the charge would ever be filed.

If the DA did decide to file, and the case went to court, and there was no mention of a witness in the police report? Leslie should ask the judge to subpoena the witness. She might not want to, but Leslie's friend can be compelled to testify.

Leslie might not even need a lawyer. I'm sure this weirdness will work out well.

Valerie Tate said...

Was officer wearing a bodycam? File complaint against officer! You mentioned having a witness and video...good deal. Do any local businesses have cameras showing the assailant leaving the store then returning? I am available to go to court with Leslie, act as a character witness, or investigative work if needed.