Saturday, January 31, 2015

This and that

Pity the poor San Diego Chargers. They bought a team for 70 million bucks in 1984 and have made close to 40 million in net profit every year since. Their franchise is now said to be worth 14 times their initial investment. And yet they still want to be on the public dole and have the citizens of San Diego foot the bill for a new stadium. Dan McSwain at the Union Tribune wrote a great article on the subject a few weeks ago worth looking at.

Old classmates at Jeb Bush's prep school, Phillips Andover, are ratting him out, referring to him as a hash smoking bully. Hash never exactly triggered my bully streak but it often sent me scurrying for the Sarah Lee cheesecake.

Read the Jeb Schiavo story. Another self righteous moralizer interfering in a family's personal business. A self righteous moralizer with a bit of a personal past. Time to play the saved and religious card, methinks. Similar to Choom Gang Obama, incredible that these hypocrites can still look themselves in the eye.

I can imagine ol' Jeb right now, behind the madras curtain, puffing on the business end of the chillum.

More schadenfreude. Tiger Woods is in the midst of a public meltdown and destruct on the scale of Job. His game has gone south faster than you can say David Duval. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. The serial philanderer has long treated everybody else like shit, the swing coaches, photographers, media, Dan Jenkins, all the rest of the mortals. He has lost his wife, tooth, confidence and short game, yesterday carding an 82. Phenomenal talent but nothing Americans like better than a prick getting his deserved comeuppance.

trinity explosion at 10 seconds
I just read a fascinating book on J. Robert Oppenheimer, a true patriot who was ultimately eviscerated by his own government. It it titled American Prometheus, written by Bird and Sherwin, and is really worth a read.

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