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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

nice slacker story

Fela Kuti - Zombie

Don P. sent me this.

 God's Plan for Aging.


Most seniors never get enough exercise.  In His wisdom God decreed that seniors become forgetful so they would have to search for their glasses, keys, and other things, thus doing more walking.  And God looked down and saw that it was good.


Then God saw there was another need.  In His wisdom He made seniors lose coordination so they would drop things, requiring them to bend, reach, and stretch.  And God looked down and saw that it was good.


Then God considered the function of bladders and decided seniors   would have additional calls of nature, requiring more trips to the   bathroom, thus providing more exercise.  God looked down and saw that   it was good.


So if you find, as you age, you are getting up and down more, remember it's God's will.  It is all in your best interest even though you mutter under your breath.


Nine Important Facts to Remember as We Grow Older


#9  Death is the number 1 killer in the world.


#8  Life is sexually transmitted.


#7  Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.


#6   Men have two motivations: hunger and hanky-panky, and they can't tell them apart.  If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.


#5  Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day.  Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.


#4  Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.


#3  All of us could take a lesson from the weather.  It pays no attention to criticism.


#2  In the 60's, people took LSD to make the world weird.  Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.


#1  Life is like a jar of jalapeño peppers.  What you do today may be a burning issue tomorrow.


Please share this wisdom with others; I need to go to the bathroom.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Nina Simone

Blue Heron Auctions LLC

 Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard George IV era Sterling Silver Argyle - 1817

Le verre francaise - Fuschia vase

As many of you know, I am embarking on a new venture and have now created a new online and telephone bid only auction company for selling quality fine art and antiques. 

My first auction is set to take place May 25th, 2021 through Live Auctioneers. 3:00 p.m. PST.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Favrile vase

I am assembling, photographing and cataloging the lots as we speak. It is a tremendous amount of work. You can find a preview link to the auction here. Hopefully all of the cataloging will be complete in the next two weeks and you will soon be able to see the lots in their entirety. Many great items are still coming in!

Monumental Duhme Winged Victory Presentation Ewer circa 1865

May I ask that you hit the link and follow me and follow my auction? It would be a great help to me going in. Because it is a new venture I seriously need followers.

Please send the link to anyone that you know that might be interested in either bidding on the auction or just looking at the material. 

Egyptian Revival art deco vase, glass and silver
attributed to Cystallerie de St. Louis, France


I am selling from three great and very fresh California estate collections as well as items from my personal collection that have never been offered for sale before. 

I do not know what the future will bring but I guarantee that this first one is going to be an incredible auction.

Georg Jensen #96 grape necklace and earrings by Harald Neilsen, designed 1925

I will be selling my normal wide variety of material, art, glass, pottery, silver, arts and crafts, art nouveau, jewelry, Native American, Modern and more.

The common denominator is that it will all be good if not exceptional material!

This auction will be loaded with exceptional art glass including Tiffany, Steuben, Quezal, Loetz, Lalique, Stevens and Williams, Mt. Joye, Daum, Galle and more.

Beatrice Wood Mug

I am really looking forward to hosting my first auction and I hope that you are looking forward to it as well. 

Pima basket with female figures

Please join me on May 25th. 

Mark your calendars. And spread the word.

Henri Farre (1871-1934) - etching Bears at Stagg Field - 1928

Noche de Sabado

A bunch of car clubs showed up in Fallbrook Saturday night. They came from all over, primarily hispanic, low and slow. Very nice people, beautiful rides.

All in all, very cool. Everybody needs a chance to strut their stuff now and then, show a little pride. Hope they come back soon.

I judged car shows for years and these were some very nicely turned out vehicles. Everybody having a good time, nothing more.

Baby love.

 Ray and Kris have a new German Shepherd puppy that is really cute.

She peers into their home in perfect symmetry with their older dog, Bella.

Linda and Dom have a new puppy too. Cute as the dickens. Fourteen weeks old.

I wish I had a dog. Damn I miss my dogs. Duke, Odin, Max, Barfy, Adelia, Kermit, I have had some great ones.

Been too darn long.


Here is my first red tailed hawk baby shot of the year. I see two but I always get fooled, there could easily be one or two more. Their eyes are obviously still closed.  Less than a week old.

Time will tell.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Beatles - This Boy

Harrison riff

I have been thinking of this subject for a couple weeks but have done no real research and it is going to be a little bit shoot from the hip. Please try to bear with me.

My favorite Beatle as a young man was George Harrison. All the way back to Meet/With the Beatles his artistry resonated with me like no other. Consummate musician but content to operate in the shadows of the two front men mostly. The quiet beatle. The dark horse.

As much as I loved George I must confess some irritation when he went so Hindu after the trip to India with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. 

All the Hari krishna Hari rama stuff from a bloke from Liverpool always struck me as a wholesale case of cultural appropriation that was just laid on a little too thick. Little overboard with the sitar music, the references to the hindu pantheon a little heavy handed for me.

I guess it is always that way with religious conversions, in any creed, the new recruits tend to have to outdo the people who grew up or were born into the faith. I know it was genuine but it could be a buzzkill for me, as spacey and exotic as it was, as if, now enlightened, he was doling out mana from a spiritually superior position. Enlightened people sort of scare me.

I got the same weirded out feeling when dreadlocked white kids who loved reggae were suddenly singing about Haile Selassie and Ethiopia, they were merely doing a wholesale import number and it lacked a degree of sincerity. Swallowing the canon. Hard to tell your parents that you are now Jamaican. And anyone going on about their deities is a bit off putting to me, from any culture, no matter how great and powerful.

But I read something recently that gave me a clue why the Vedic path might have rung so strongly with George. Let's not even deal with the fact that people who take a lot of psychedelics suddenly have channels open that make them susceptible to all sorts of faith based and how does the world really work? stuff. It was the following that got me to thinking.

I never knew that he was a practicing Catholic in his youth before and all of a sudden things made more sense. Paul was too but that is a different story.

When I was a kid I read a book about comparative religions and it said that religions basically fall into one of two categories, imminent and transcendent. In an imminent religion the deity is inside you, in a transcendent belief system, the god or gods is apart from you and to be venerated.

I suppose that one could loosely put Unitarians, Buddhists, Reform Jews and Religious Science types in the first group, Catholics, Baptists and Hindus definitely belong to the latter. So thinking about George, while Hinduism seems a far cry from Catholicism it is really not that big a stretch in a conceptual sense. Both transcendent, near polytheistic creeds. Made sense he gravitated because under the window dressing there is actually a lot of similarity.

Hindus have a multitude of gods, in the Catholic faith there is the trinity and the saints. In fact in some countries, figures like Our lady of Guadalupe get equal billing with Jesus. The guitarist's early religious conditioning did not take much of a bend in order to take to the mystic flavor of the Ganges like a duck to familiar water.

We humans are formed in our very early years. We tend to look for love like it was doled out by our parents, later in our lives, is it too much to think that our relationship with the divine could not be similarly conditioned?

I ran this whole passage of thought in front of a couple of friends who are big Beatles fans, they pretty much thought I was all wet. Vlad said that George stopped going to church while pretty young, I am not sure if that is true or not. I decided to read some stuff George himself said about the subject and things became somewhat clearer. 

He felt, and I am paraphrasing, not having the interview in front of me, that in Catholic thought and practice one could venerate god, but in the eastern versions one could actually get closer to the almighty in a physical and spiritual sense. I bet the acid helped.

As an agnostic this sort of stuff is way beyond my pay grade but I am going to keep thinking about what made my favorite Beatle tick until this query, like all things, must pass.

Thoroughly partisan Robbie

Today, all across America, white supremacists decided to march to address their perceived persecution and in the name of hatred. This week Tucker Carlson went on a tear about whites being replaced by minorities in this country. The battle lines are clearly drawn on this one. You get to pick one side or the other, America the melting pot or America First, the white supremacist edition.

You can align with Carlson, Gaetz, Gohmert, Greene, King and Boebert and the rest of the hate squad or you can cast your allegiance to Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Eugene McCarthy, John Lennon and the voices of love. Don't think you can do both.


One of the cool things about the current political climate, besides the fact that Democrats hold the Senate, House and Presidency is that they don't really have to attack the GOP. The GOP is doing that themselves. I loved it yesterday when Trump called McConnell a son of a bitch again. 

The Republicans have a big problem down in Florida and he is not going away, in fact it is only going to get worse I predict. The pressure on him to step away, surely being non electable in 2024 and the pressure on him to throw his hat in the ring again are about equal. His ego is so great I must assume the latter will occur.

So the Democrats would be smart to just sit on the sidelines and let them do each other in. Eat popcorn and enjoy the show.

Newen Afrobeat - Upside Down

I love this Chilean worldbeat jam band reinterpreting the Nigerian music of Fela Kuti.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Fingers crossed

Monumental 17" tall Duhme coin silver presentation trophy with Winged Victory medallions
  Cincinnati, Ohio circa 1865-1875

I may have dodged a major bullet. Then again I may not have. I was in the front of my shop the other day selecting something to photograph for the upcoming auction when I heard a light bump.

I walked back to my office and saw my Nikon D850 camera and the Nikkor 24 -70mm ƒ2.8 lying on the floor. I had placed them on a tote box on top of another tote box and it was not as stable as I thought. Took a 20" fall at the least after its slide off the supposed horizontal.

With the card and filters, this is about a six thousand dollar investment on my part laying there sadly on the floor. My camera is my lifeblood, for both business and hobby. I neither have the money or inclination to replace anything at this time, especially with a D850 replacement supposedly coming on line this year. Or maybe not, Nikon going all in on mirrorless and perhaps letting the DSL population die in the field.

I took some test shots, they look okay but I have been having a hard time doing close focus work. I hope that I am just imagining the problem. If I get time I will take it down to Kurt's Camera and make sure that it is all okay. A bent flange is usually the problem after a fall.

I have too much to do to deal with this right now but I don't get much say in the matter. Thank you John Lennon. You called it.

Friday, April 9, 2021

Love in the time of purple


We are in that magic time where wisteria covers our fence for three or four hundred feet or so.

As you can see from these early sunrise shots, the agaves have still not flowered off their spikes and the house is in sore need of a paint job.

I love it when the hills and fences are awash in purple.

Echium is starting to bloom too.

Gary McFarland

Dust storm, Furnace Creek

The Wayward Wind

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Senior moments

It's an ill wind that blows no good - John Heywood, 1546

I had to go to the local hardware store this morning to get some rags to polish silver with. If you are throwing away any old t-shirts let me know. I always need soft rags.

Anyway I am standing in a long line, only two cashiers working and one of them was Tresa, the manager. People must have called in sick today, it's usually not that bad.

I felt a little cough and put my clenched fist to my mask. Sinuses have been acting up of late. Unfortunately for me and to my utmost chagrin, I broke wind at the exact moment of the cough, just a little off tempo, the wayward blast a staccato sixteenth note away. 

The escapee was not a welcome invitee, it just showed up at the worst possible time, like the awful cousins you can't stand that stop by to use the pool without calling. But what can a man do? The deed was done.

If I may be permitted to brag a bit, my gaseous syncopation was worthy of Sousa, but more bassoon than tuba, please don't ask me what key. Not terribly loud, thank heaven, and as far as I know without deleterious olfactory resonance, but perfectly placed in this particular measure, if I do say so myself.

The salient question was, did I cough loud enough? Did I manage to seal the deal and obscure my wanton intestinal larceny?

I looked around quickly and did a cursory survey check both port and starboard on peoples' expressions, good, nary a smile or frown. A Flatulence Assessment in Real Time (FART), I think I got away with this one, just squeaked by, if I may coin a phrase. 

Whew, did I jump the fetid shark, or what? Came close to not being able to return to the only decent hardware store in town lest I hang my head in shame. A real Drobkin moment. Is one lone cheeser an egregious enough offense to get one thrown off the team? Unfortunately, it is not a fair world that we live in. Too many sad calls of colonic distress have been met with nothing but humiliation and ridicule. One must keep a semblance of intestinal fartitude.

I told a friend about my infamous rectal contretemps a little while ago and he said that more and more of that stuff happens as you get older. 

I guess I am going to have a lot to write about and look forward to. This one was touch and go. And the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind...

Elevator Operator

Morning rambling

The boys at coffee can get philosophical at times. This morning Joel asked what you would pick if you had the choice between a handful of money and no friends or a handful of friends and no money. I picked the latter.

Jay said that only a person in a strong financial position would or could make that choice.


Do you ever wonder about the people who drive around by themselves in their cars with their masks on and the windows rolled up? I do. What is up with that?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Opposite People - Newen Afrobeat

East out of Seligman

On The Road Again

Back on the great highway.

I got an interesting email today from one of my favorite promoters, Rosemary:

The antique shows are back on.

You may think that I am jumping up and down at this great news. Actually I am fairly neutral. As tough as this year and a half has been for the country and world, I have managed to make do. Business has actually been good for me in this time of Covid 19. Mainly because I have been working my ass off. Is this really the time for me to switch tracks? Are we sure we can't hide out for a little bit longer? Do I have any choice? Not really.

Anyway, I am fairly sanguine about the matter. Shows are important to me on many levels. They present buying and selling opportunities and give us antique gypsies a sense of real live familial camaraderie that is lacking in any of the current virtual facsimiles. 

In a very real sense I am part of a larger team and it is one for all and all for one and without all of our participation the whole business model goes in the toilet and we instead try to make a go of it totally online. I am more inclined to go down with the ship and be the last man standing.

Some of my compatriots do perfectly fine without the shows, However the great majority of the time they are a positive for me and my business. And you get to see old clients, some of them who are very important to me on a personal level.


Still I have some fears. I have sort of hid out this year as have many of us. Are people going to want to rush out, even in their vaccinated state and hang out in a big room with a bunch of other humans? I think it is going to be tougher than people think for us to break out of our solitary and rather fearful mode.

Although news from both the show in Roundtop, Texas and the Tucson Gem Show yesterday were long lines and happy dealers.

It will be an endurance test. I am knee deep in my new auction, which should fire late May, early June. Pretty exhausted already, frankly. It is getting harder and harder to do back to back shows, like Del Mar and San Mateo. Harder to drive, hotels, gas and food more expensive out on the great highway. I get tired. Can my body still manage to do this and if so, for how long?

And I am doing at least one show in New Mexico in August and maybe three. Although the state is enforcing some fairly stringent occupancy restrictions there, according to my promoter Terry S.

Anyhow, I have a ton of great merchandise and it should all be good, I will give it a go. I hesitate to ask what the worst thing is that can happen, you never really want an answer to that question, but I know that at times, the best thing can happen too.

I hope that I am ready for all this.

No visuals yet


I stopped by the hawk's nest early this morning on the way to work. Mother hawk appears to have her newly hatched progeny tucked away underneath her. Warm and cozy no doubt. I will continue to monitor the situation and take pictures to share with you as they develop.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

I'm Your Toy (Hot Burrito #1)

Joey Ramone - I Got Knocked Down (But I´ll Get Up)



Carl Perkins - Glad All Over

White Fear


Interesting article at the NYT.

When the political scientist Robert Pape began studying the issues that motivated the 380 or so people arrested in connection with the attack against the Capitol on Jan. 6, he expected to find that the rioters were driven to violence by the lingering effects of the 2008 Great Recession.

But instead he found something very different: Most of the people who took part in the assault came from places, his polling and demographic data showed, that were awash in fears that the rights of minorities and immigrants were crowding out the rights of white people in American politics and culture. 

“If you look back in history, there has always been a series of far-right extremist movements responding to new waves of immigration to the United States or to movements for civil rights by minority groups,” Mr. Pape said. “You see a common pattern in the Capitol insurrectionists. They are mainly middle-class to upper-middle-class whites who are worried that, as social changes occur around them, they will see a decline in their status in the future.”

Figure with umbrella and onlookers, Palm Springs


Good luck with that one

South Dakota's doofy but sort of hot governor Kristi Noem is a little unclear regarding what the word infrastructure means. Hot as in bimbo caught in the headlights hot, I should say.

“I was shocked by how much doesn’t go into infrastructure,” she said. “It goes into research and development, it goes into housing and pipes and different initiatives, green energy, and it’s not really an honest conversation that we’re having about what this proposal is.”

“I’m frustrated,” she added.

The article intimates that it ain't infrastructure for her if it ain't carrying fossil fuels. Fair enough. We all have to answer to our constituencies. But bemoaning the fact that the bill lacks funds for train service to Hawaii.

Now that is rich. Little bit tough to lay those tracks on the water.

Contract - New Riders of the Purple Sage

The sonorous and greatly missed voice of the late Dave Torbert on lead vocal.

They're here


I've been real busy taking pictures and cataloguing for the new auction venture.

So you will have to forbid me for leaving the camera at home last night.

I was beat.

And wouldn't you know it. When I drove by the hawk's nest this morning, mama was standing up.

Hot damn, there must be some little red tailed hawk babies hatched.

And there were.

Tonight I bring the camera and 400mm lens home with me.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Steal the vote

 Trump might have won had Georgia's new election law been enacted last November.

Tucked inside the new Georgia elections law is a measure that shifts a significant amount of election oversight power from the secretary of state and county election boards to the legislature. The measure removes the elected secretary of state as chair of the state election board and replaces him or her with an appointee of the Republican-run legislature.  

Such a coincidence! Just a few months after Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says “no” to magical vote-finding, the legislature takes a chunk of power and authority from his office and shifts it to someone of their choosing — and, we can only assume, more likely to do their bidding. 

Overall, as the New York Times reports, GOP legislators in at least eight states are pushing bills that would take election oversight power away from secretaries of state, governors and nonpartisan election boards, and turn it over to legislatures. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021