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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Shadows and light


The new masking tools in Lightroom Classic have been a real game changer. I have been going back and re-processing some old shots and the new features are allowing me to accomplish things that I never thought possible before. I am very happy with the program, as difficult as some of its intricacies and intersections are to master. Thankfully I have Ken to help me when I get stuck.

I think I am growing as an artist, I hope that I am anyway. And one of the things that is causing me to grow is that I am defining a tighter line for what is acceptable for me to do to a photograph. Current tools and equipment allow one to get incredible shadow detail in post processing. But you know what?

Shadow exists. And pardon me for saying, but it should be celebrated. Just because you can do something like turn night into day doesn't mean that you should. And I am getting more and more inclined to leave dark and shadowy areas in my photographs.

They exist and their tonal relationship to light is what makes photography a beautiful art. Not everything needs to be opened up. Looks more natural this way.

End of sermon.

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Julie Reeder said...

That's very cool and what an amazing photo too.