Rapt attention

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Thank you, thank you!

Some kind soul gifted us a special Kauai sugarloaf pineapple. It was overnighted to us yesterday.

But we have no idea who was actually responsible for the supersweet treat.

Please fess up so we can thank you properly. 

* Omigod! Best pineapple we have ever tasted. Beyond sweet! Thank you, whoever you are!

I was part of a Google program where I tested products for them. My home laptop is a pixelbook prototype that I got for nothing. I love it.

But it is unfortunately starting to get long in the tooth and short in the battery.

Never fear, my buddy JW at Lenovo stepped in to the breach and sent me a brand new Thinkpad today and some other great stuff and I am good to go. Thank you so much!  The new chromebook works like a charm.

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