Saturday, December 25, 2021

Merry Xmas + from Cosmo Kitty


Also Tiger, Nico, Leslie and Robert!

I call this guy my little bambino.

He has a ponytail tie fetish, hides them all over the house. 

Currently he is playing with a pink one. Some day we will find his stash. He has white socks and a little white dot on the end of his chin, like he got caught playing in the paint.

And there's this from Barry L. for some of the rest of you:

Finally, my dear friend Jonathan Hill is an accomplished ace guitar and horn player but has been beset with medical problems the last ten years or more that make mine look like peanuts. The guy is incredible. He can't use his hand very well anymore so he created the following piece on some unusual synth device. I really like it and hope it is okay to post it here. Note: I can't post an mp3 on blogger without getting it from an external host. Damn.

Jonathan is a longtime tribal dealer that lives in Santa Fe.

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