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Monday, December 13, 2021

Calling all photos


I think that I am a little bit late this year for sending out reminders for the annual photo survey.

You know, the one in which you send me your favorite photo of the year. 

I may be wrong but I believe we started doing this back in 2012.

Not necessarily the most professional, or the most artistic, or the funniest, snarkiest or wittiest, it doesn't have to be a picture of your grandchild, or your favorite cat but it is certainly okay if it is. 

It could be sad, happy, wistful or gay, oozing with schadenfreude or steeped in whatever zeitgeist floats your particular canoe.

Prescient, topical, mundane or banal, breathtaking or a flat out bore, we have a very big tent here at the blast. All are welcome. Regulars, casuals, lurkers, all submissions are welcome.

At the risk of committing a loathsome zugzwang, get me a shot, pronto, don't make me come after you.

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