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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Not interested

I don't like airing my dirty laundry in public too much, it is a little tacky. But thought I should recount this, sad but funny. Unfortunately there are people in our lives that we sometimes find out we are better off without. In the midst of my cancer treatments two years ago I needed somebody's help desperately and got big timed. Caused me serious problems. Did a quick cost/benefit equation. I decided that it was time to cut the person loose.

I made a lot of money for and with the person through the years but in the final analysis it wasn't worth the toxicity, the constant propping up and work this particular relationship took and the chemo incident was the final straw.

No contact since and honestly, much better off without him in my life. I'm doing just fine. I saw a mutual acquaintance in Glendale and his name came up, I mentioned just that, that my life was better without the guy in it. Well, the person I was talking too told the person and I got a pretty hateful voice mail the next day.

I think that one of the freedoms we have is deciding who we want to associate with and I am comfortable with my decision. Happy to stay in my lane, he is free to do whatever he wants.

Coincidentally, yesterday somebody created a fake gay account for me at Match.com. I have been inundated with texts from potential admirers in the last 24 hours. Flattered but I am really not interested.

I am a happily married guy with no interest in hooking up and have written Match asking them to squelch this spoof account that somebody has created for me but it is very hard to get through to them. Finally a guy wrote me back today from Match and he said they will track the email address back and put a stop to it.

Now I wonder who would do a thing like this? Timing is quite suspicious...


Anonymous said...

Proving you were right to get rid of him.

Roy Jhciacb Cohen said...

Timely. Thank you. I have a little toxic baggage myself, and it’s really gotten the better of me. Much appreciated…

Will Chandler said...

Wisdom from the late Norma Dee, long gone LA Jolla antiques dealer: "If you would soar with the eagles you might have to shoot down a few turkeys."