Tuesday, December 7, 2021

This, that and the other thing


Readers Ron and Charice send this picture down from their lovely home up in Coeur d'Alene.


I have been pretty incommunicado, very busy of late, no time to catch a breath. 

snow globe hat on left

Show in Glendale was good, not great, but not a disaster and the buying was wonderful. Had some wonderful friends and clients show up to say hello.

Spandex world
Unfortunately, the show was also beset with some serious criminal activity.

A pair of Russian women allegedly stole about a 100k of diamonds from a vendor in a quick misdirection ploy. 

Another jewelry dealer was followed home and robbed at knifepoint and yet another jewelry couple felt like they were followed. 

It is getting scary out there and at times like these I am glad that I do not sell gems or gold. Might have to start packing heat up there.

I was listening to KNX on the radio and they said that there were over a hundred follow home robberies in Los Angeles last week.  World we live in.

Of course with a mamby pamby D.A. that doesn't believe in arresting people and throwing them in jail, is it any wonder? 

AOC said today that smash and grab is a fiction, she is so full of it. Without the possibility punishment, people unfortunately run amok.


On another equal opportunity let's go after the stupidest liberals front, a transgender swimmer at Penn is breaking all sorts of records

Well, duh, perhaps it is because biologically you are not a woman, did you ever consider that? Totally unfair to the real girl swimmers. What a load of crap.


Why extreme right wingers raise their kids to be monsters. I saw a raise lions not sheep t-shirt recently and can buy that but monster predators? I have been busy, had no idea the Michigan shooter's parents were MAGA nutjobs. Incredible.


Whitey Herzog at 90 on the rotten state of baseball.


Was a pleasure to do the show with my old friend the print dealer Roger Genser.

This was Roger's first show in two years and it was great to spend time with him.

He recommends this site for political news. Roger and I had dinner for three nights running, La Cabanita, Zankou and Jincook for Korean.

Here he is with me at La Cabanita along with Bill Warmboe.


I am on the cover of this month's Collector magazine. I am going to be putting some paintings into the new high end antique mall in Oceanside owned by Maggi Dannise and the editor thought it was newsworthy for some reason. I had to sign an autograph for somebody the other day.


Prosthetic balls for dogs.


Fun fact;

Five of the conservative judges on the court have been appointed by presidents that lost the popular vote, and appointed by a senate that represents 41 million fewer Americans...


First migrating gray whales sighted off Oceanside the other day.


And so it begins... Lots of things we take for granted were never mentioned in the constitution. and they may be coming for them. Gorsuch's scary paragraphThere's No Constitutional Right to Interracial (or Same-Sex) Marriage, Says the Architect of the Texas "Heartbeat Bill."

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The rights not specified in the constitution are left to the states, as I understand their argument. Quite interesting.