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Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 pics from the Blue Heron Blast readership

Rodney Mullen
Feb. 2012
El Segundo, CA
Photo: Grant Brittain
Ladybug - Bruce Taylor
Breneckes - Mike Reardon
Jack's P-51 - Allan Seymour

Front Row Center for Leonard Cohen at Madison Square Garden - Tracy

West Yellowstone - Ricardo Neumann

Horse's view of 103rd Annual Hunewill Ranch Cattle Drive - Bill Le Masters
Fred Young

Ling Ling, Pacific Asia Museum , iphone - Toni Inman

Two young men from Bali - Lena Leichtling
Michael Maas

Amy - Robert DeGoff

Morro Hills - Jon Harwood
Louis Nidorf

Kip Peterson
Sunshine Summit - Carol Lindemulder
Last sunrise of the year, San Francisco Bay - Kerry B

Ron Holder

"Looking Over" - Carrie Repking

Soft to Hard - Carmen Maas
Chinese Scream, Forbidden City, Beijing - Ken Seals
Rosso comp chassis - Richard Hudgins
Meredith, Borrego Springs - Bill Olson
Riley - Renée

kj in Cody
Cinque Terre - Deli Girl
"Old St. Stephen's Cemetery"  Robin Hood's Bay, England.  July 4th, 2012.   This was the final mile of our 12 day, 200 mile walk across England. Vlad and Natasha

Randy Walters

Irish Ponies, Dingle Peninsula - Helen McHargue

Shawn in Thailand


Sanoguy said...

Thanks, Blue Heron! Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Blue Heron said...

Thank you Mike. I want to thank everybody who sent stuff in. You are a very talented bunch! Keep them coming...