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Friday, December 21, 2012


Me and the boys at coffee were talking about guilty pleasures earlier this week and the subject of creamed chipped beef came up.

Many of us ate it as kids and of course it was standard fare in the army for some. But you can't find it on a menu any more so it is largely a memory. Maybe they still serve it at the Swing Inn but I don't think so.

The boss man at our Caffe Primo coffee joint, Jim Tudor, overheard us talking  and said that serving s.o.s. was a christmas tradition at his house and offered to make the regulars a big batch. "Be here friday at seven," he says.

We all showed up early in rapt anticipation. And true to his word, he provided us with a great plate of creamed chipped beef on shingle, gratis. Better than memory. Thanks, Jim!

If for some weird ass reason, the earth stops revolving today and life as we know it ceases to function, not a bad breakfast to go out on. If on the other hand, things continue on pretty much as usual and you are looking to buy or sell a place in Fallbrook, might I recommend Jim's Coldwell Banker Landmark Real Estate team? Great service and a mean plate of creamed chipped beef.


WildBill said...

That was great. Thank you to Jim. Brought back memories.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Regards cream chipped beef, should you yearn again, you can get a Staufer's brand Cream chipped beef in the frozen food section of store. A bit salty, but it sorta always was! It has the right flavor for toast! I buy it every once in awhile!!


Anonymous said...

oh my god, its not fair. ive been dreaming of sos but jules wont let me make any, she thinks its disgusting. next....cornmeal mush....

love you, Buzz

Anonymous said...

Always loved when mom would make SOS. Two pieces of toast and a pile of slop yoummmmm,
Who knew Jim could cook???
Deli guy.

Anonymous said...

ABBA - "Anni" and "Frida" - sooooo hot!!!!

North County Film Club said...

I wish we had been there. I miss my mom's shit on a shingle. Of course, we didn't call it that.
I think I'll try Stoufer's.