Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tales from the trenches

GOP dumb on DOMA.

The culture war is alive and well. The Repubs believe that their mistake was talking about their positions publicly, not the ossified policies themselves. So they aren't talking about any of that culture stuff any more.

Mormon Church had a real beauty last week. Homosexuals are now welcome, as long that is as they refrain from having same sexual relations. Sweet. National Review makes a totally bogus argument for Prop 8. Gays no longer face discrimination or we wouldn't have just elected so many. Doesn't quite solve those survivorship issues, does it? Or give much credence to those couples, of any orientation, that decided not to have children.
...The Supreme Court should reverse these lower-court rulings, and straightforwardly affirm the right of the people in any state to act, constitutionally or legislatively, to adopt the traditional view of marriage as a relationship oriented toward procreation. The justices need not themselves hold that view — they may consider it outmoded or rationally inferior to a conception of marriage that treats it first and foremost as an emotional union of adults — to see that the Constitution erects no barrier to it, and that states therefore have the freedom to act on it.
Of the various arguments advanced for a constitutional “right” of same-sex marriage, none withstands even momentary scrutiny by accepted standards. Are gays and lesbians a powerless and oppressed minority? One can hardly say that after the November elections, in which the cause of same-sex marriage was victorious in four states, in a year when it was also embraced by the president of the United States and enshrined in the platform of the larger of our major parties. Is it rationally indefensible to reserve the institution of marriage to the only kind of union — one man and one woman — that is capable of procreation, and to the kind of union that is proven to be the best general setting for the rearing of children? The question answers itself.
 Krauthammer says there will be more jobs after we bust the unions, they just won't pay as much.

Soledad schools Jeff Sessions.

"When you’re thinking of things to cut, people basically say, why are you trying to balance the budget on people making less than $23,000 a year... So why not cut something else? There are other things that could be on the table before you pick a program that is feeding the nation’s poor children."

Obama fried his brain on drugs? Great from a state that gave us Willie Nelson, Roky Erikson and Townes Van Sant.

Tough Love - 13 year old kid is cold and shoeless in Colorado. Steals a pair from a store. Family thrown out on the street.
Tanya Abbey, a single mother of three, and her children are being forced out of their residence in Colorado because her 13-year-old son Oran allegedly was caught stealing a pair of shoes, a violation of the family's lease, CBS Station KCNC Denver reported.
Oran explained that his shoes were getting worn out and that his feet were cold. "I let my mom down, like I let everybody down," he told KCNC. He also said he didn't know that his family would be impacted by what happened.
"I thought it would just affect me. I had no idea it would affect my mom or my brother and sister, and I feel like if they should be kicking anybody out it should be me," Oran said.
Happy Christmas to you, Bob Cratchit.

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