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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Linda's page

I was bitching to some of my female readership about their failure to send pics in and got this wonderful message from my pal Linda. She rates her very own page. I am sure Bubbe and Zaide would be thrilled with what happened to the store!

Your wish is my command, Robert.

OF A GIRL:  Ever Lily Rabineau is all girl!  This was her first Jewish Christmas and she dressed for the occasion! (my grand-daughter, 3 months old)

BY A GIRL: by me.  Discovery of my S California personal history this year. The photo of a tat parlor on Venice Beach, the same storefront that housed my great-grandparents Kosher Grocery Store, c 1910. And a second photo of the area in 1941 when my father, his mother, aunt and his grandparents visited the site. I showed the b/w to the guys in the tattoo parlor and they got all mushy on me - loved it!

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