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Monday, December 24, 2012

Greetings from a blue hat hui 藍帽回

I would like to extend a warm christmas welcome to all of my readers, even the real quiet ones.

I also would like to send some love out to a bunch of people who used to write in but may or may not still be reading.

This list includes Window Dancer, one of my all time favorites, still don't know who the hell he is, BV, an old friend, maybe lost somewhere in Humboldt, E, 'fraid he might have left for good, MMWB, my best and most articulate conservative foil, and of course the blog's Ed McMahon, Grumpy, who might have been told by his therapist to give up the blog for good in the interest of his own mental health.

I think that Rod is my oldest lurker, best to you, sorry to hear about Jimmy V, of course there may be others around just as long. It is tough to make a list of all of you because there are definitely people I will forget but Happy_______ to Beth, Don, Scott, Jonathan, Lena, Ron, Shawn. Ricardo, Tracy, KJ, Brett, Helen, Barbara, Kathy, Kathleen, Corrie, Naomi, Melanie, Michael, Mark, Jim, John, Rich, Richard, Cam, Bill, Stan, Len, Linda, Isak, Denis, Ida, Ron, KerryB, Will, Helene, Pete, Bruce, Joe, Keith, Barbara, Nancy, Ed, Diane, Retha, Doug, Renée, Kim, Wanda, Robin, Dave, BigDave, Howard, Barbara, Lori, Buzz, Liz, Sheebz, Brigitte, Morgan, Michael, Warren, WildBill, Ken, Hilo, Randy, Kip, Jane, June, Jon, David, Melissa, Lewis, Andrew, The crew at Guacamole Gulch, Daisy, Connie, Dixon, Toni, Tony, Jerri, Roy, Garry, Dominick, Carol, Bethany, Mike, Robert, Drew, Nitza, Stanley, Lynne, Uncle Norm, Terry, Eliot, Victoria, Ted, Carrie, Kit, just too many people to count and many who never publicly surface. Like that fellow in Mongolia.

Five years in the bag, starting the sixth. Be safe, drive safe, wear your seat belts, dress warm, don't neglect to tell your peeps that you love them at every opportunity.

See a couple of you for brunch tomorrow, whomever shows...

*blue hat

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Linda said...

Happy Holidays to you! Keep smiling, keep eating well and KEEP WRITING!!!

Linda & Joseph