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Monday, December 3, 2012

Rubber Biscuits

All of this talk of cookies is making me hungry. One last dip into the cold glass of milk and we can put this issue to bed.

I received a few more emails from people who are experiencing no problems at all loading the site. I live in a remote narrow canyon and use a slow Verizon Mifi device and rarely get more than one signal bar and I load in about 20 seconds.

Every device and setup is different and I think that R's issue is an anomaly. Be that as it may he brings up a very good point. Websites get bogged down with cookie bloat and it does affect performance and download time. In the case of the blast I think the inherent slowness might be because I save my jpegs pretty big and there are usually a lot of photographs on the site. But since I got rid of feedjit and the global hit map it is definitely zipping along faster. But not much you can do about google or youtube cookies when they give you a free platform. Don't think you can escape them.

I would also like to point out something else. R is a very smart engineer who is a computer expert and site designer and knows what he is talking about 100% of the time. So I appreciate his heads up very much.

He sent me this letter and photo today after a few shared missives regarding stale cookies.

R, your cookies seem stale. Might want to try the new ziplock storage bags...


Indeed they are.  

I have attached a screen capture of the relationships that are established from one visit to your blog. (after you dropped most of the tracking stuff)  

Pretty amazing is it not?


R shows us the insidious nature of the cookie beast. This is after I cleared out a bunch of the pesky little tribbles. I assure you that I am not alone. Anybody that uses a website platform, especially a free one like blogger, is going to have to pay something to play. And the price you pay is to be tracked by somebody out there.

I don't think that there is a lot I can do about the problem either. I am already pining for some sort of counter that shows me ( and you) when that dude in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia is having insomnia attacks and decides to pay us a visit. Over 19,000 page views this month, a little higher than average, I like to see who is connecting with what and many of you do as well. Hello Tracy!

I will find something soon to replace what I just tossed overboard. Maybe the pro version will be better.

In any case I am glad that the problem seems to be only experienced by R at the moment. I will endeavor to keep the weight off the blast for all of your viewing comfort.

Love, Robert

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Anonymous said...

once again, i am confused. the only cookies i have are in the cupboard and i shouldnt have those. hoping you can complete your tasks without losing your cookies, i remain...buzz